The palm, tales and lies for everyone.

When a peinter, a musician and two actors reinvent cinema.



Excerpt from The Arabian Nights: “The Merchant and the Devil” is the story that frames the show, which tells the story of an unhappy encounter between de merchant with a demon in the desert, down a palm tree.  After the merchant kills accidentally the devil’s son, he the merchant with three old men who passed by, tries to appease the wrath of the devil by telling him three stories: “The Little goat of Mr. Seguin”, “The rich man who wanted to become poor” and “The lie of a male loggerhead”. The tales are shown live by the artist Olivier Dautais, who works on overhead projectors.  Everything is done at the time: story, characters, images and music.



55 minutos.



Teatro Casa de la Paz - UAM, Foro La Gruta del Centro Cultural Helénico (2012), Foro María Antonieta Rivas de la Biblioteca México (2011) y el Teatro Benito Juárez (2014).  

33 Muestra Nacional de Teatro, en San Luis Potosí (2012), Festival Quimeras en Metepec, Gran Feria de Tlaxcala and an international tour at the Institut Français de Madrid and Barcelona (2011).


Dramaturgie / Arnaud Charpentier y Olivier Dautais

Direction / Arnaud Charpentier

Images designer and painting live / Olivier Dautais

Musical direction and composition / Axel Tamayo Rivera

Production / Teatro Entre 2



Performing: Olivier Dautais, Axel Tamayo (Omar Medina or Jerónimo Zoe Serna), Arnaud Charpentier and Francia Castañeda (José Ponce).