Tragedy On Wheels, a show without breaks



An ambulatory show.  Twenty actors and musicians, all on wheels… bicycles, carts, tandems, skateboards, tricycles etc.  Together they form a rolling retinue, in the best Tour de France style.  

The entourage’s progress is the show itself.  Passers-by come across the show by accident and can decide to watch it pass by, to follow or join the party, which could take them to unknown places.  The retinue stops at specific points for mini one-minute shows, an improvised sequence on different subjects: being late for the wedding, official photos, mass, the dance, catching the bouquet or more unexpected scenes such as an argument, singing in chorus and even a divorce... And then they are on the move again, everyone gets back onto the vehicle they arrived on, the dynamics change and the caracters start a new journey, chases, forgetting, losing, falling, a party in motion and accidents, all of which are accentuated by the musicians who are playing as part of the entourage.


DURATION: 57 minutes.



* Season with Centro Cultural del Bosque.  November - December 2015.

* Centro Cultural Mexiquense Bicentenario.  Texcoco.  May 2015.

* II Festival Luces de Invierno.  Museo de las Culturas Populares y CENART.  December 2014.

* XIII Festival Internacional de Teatro de Calle de Zacatecas.  October 2014.

* Season at the green areas of CENART.  June 2014.

* Season at Paseo Dominical "Muévete en Bici", SEDEMA.  May 2014.


Original idea and Artistic direction / Arnaud Charpentier

Collaboration on the concept and Choreography / Francia Castañeda

Visual design and Lyrics / Olivier Dautais

Musical composer and director / Enrique Pérez García

Costumes and Production / Adriana Pérez Solís

Production assistants / Iza Terán and Aurora Gómez Meza



Alexandre Doyhamboure, Adrián Ladrón de Guevara, Anick Pérez, Marco Guagnelli, Elizabeth Cortés, Ana Zavala, Paola Herrera, Carlos Abrajam, Enrique Pérez García, Sergio Solís, Olivier Dautais, Daniela Arroio, Xóchitl Galindres, Juan Sergio García, Luis Rodríguez, José Ponce, Misael Garrido, Mario Salas, Arnaud Charpentier and Francia Castañeda.



Mishell Ordoñez and Paris Ramos.